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21 June 2012

Soal Ulangan Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7

Modul TIK SD Edisi Tahun Pelajaran.2013/2014
Modul panduan belajar dan mengajar TIK SD Kls 1-6
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Soal dan Kunci Jawabanya
Soal UTS+UAS Semester 1 dan 2 dilengkapi kunci jawaban

Soal ulangan SMP
Soal ulangan kelas 7
Soal ulangan kelas 7 Bahasa Inggris

Untuk rekan-rekan Guru yang sedang menyusun rencana pembelajaran Tahun Ajaran 2012/2013 Bidang Studi Bahasa Inggris, khususnya Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 SMP berikut saya posting Soal Ulangan Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 SMP.

Please choice, a,b,c, or d!

1. Ron is in London at the moment. He _______ at Hilton Hotel.
a. stayed
b. is staying
c. stays
d. has stayed

2. Kathy usually sits in the front row during the class, but today she _______ in the last row.
a. sits
b. seat
c. is sitting
d. is to sit

3. I wrote to my old friend Ann last week. Up to know, she hasn’t answered my letter. Now, I ______ the reply.
a. wait for
b. will wait for
c. am waiting for
d. want to wait for

4. Diane can’t come to the phone because she _______ her hair.
a. is to wash
b. washed
c. was washing
d. is washing

5. Please be quite. I _______ to concentrate.
a. tried
b. am trying
c. was trying
d. will try

6. Barbara often tutors other students in her math class. This morning, she ________ Steve with his math assignment.
a. is helping
b. wants to help
c. must help
d. helped

7. Tomorrow, she _______ to UK.
a. will go
b. went
c. gone
d. has gone

8. The hunter’s fatal accident ________ in the newspaper yesterday.
a. was reported
b. will be reported
c. has been reported
d. can be reported

9. Last week, I _______ a job at a local bank, but I didn’t accept it.
a. was offering
b. was offered
c. was to offer
d. was offers

10. About ten percent of the earth’s land area, or nearly 5,8 million square miles, ________ by glacial ice.
a. were covered
b. has covered
c. to be covered
d. is covered

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Soal ulangan SMP
Soal ulangan kelas 7
Soal ulangan kelas 7 Bahasa Inggris

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